Whales are water animals which breathe air using lungs, give birth and feed their young with milk – just like humans

Whales belong to the group of mammals – animals which, including humans breathe air using lungs, give birth to live young and feed their young with milk.

The ancestors of the whales were land animals. Around 40 to 50 thousand years ago, these animals shifted their living environment from land to sea. Slowly, their bodies adapted to the ocean environment: their hind legs disappeared and instead they grew a horizontal tail, and with the flow of time changed into the whales we know today.

Moving about the oceans, whales make the best use of the organisms and environments of the marine ecosystem. Every year, they migrate tens of thousands of miles from the Arctic waters rich in food to the breeding grounds at the Equator.

Did you know? Dolphins and whales actually belong to the same group of animals (Cetaceans). But only animals with a body length of over 4 meters are called whales. Due to their enormous body size, whales were called “monsters of the sea” in ancient times („Ketos“).

The crying whales

There is meaning in the existence of all life on earth.

The hunting of whales by humans started well back in prehistoric times. In the era of hunters and gatherers, whales provided not only food but also other valuable resources needed for daily life. Cave paintings from the Stone Age show the capturing of whales in those times. Back then, the hunting of whales was only possible due to the fact that the animals sometimes stranded and were easy to catch because of their relatively slow speed

Whales have long been the victims of humans’ greed and their endangerment continues to this day.

Since 1986 people from all over the world have been demanding the banning of commercial whaling, but still whales are facing the danger of overhunting by humans. And many whales are suffering under the pollution of the oceans.

If this situation continues, soon we might be able to see whales only in textbooks or museums. It is our task to protect these precious animals with a big body but gentle character.

BONTOY Friendimal

The first character of the BONTOY Friendimal is the “whale”.

Unlike one might expect from their big body, whales mostly live from eating plankton and small fish, and have a very gentle character. As whales live far out in the sea, it is diffcult for children to experience what these wonderful animals are like.

We hope that by playing with BONTOY Friendimal, children can make a bond with these wonderful animals from an early age. By stimulating their curiosity, children will want to learn more about their animal friends and grow to understand the importance of whales and all living creatures on our earth.

Product detail

Product Function




BONTOY Friendimal is fun to ride like no other ride-on toy!

The secret of Bontoy Friendimal lies in its high quality wheels.
High-performance bearings and shock-proof rubber material make riding
the toy so smooth and easy that even young children can effortlessly push
and steer the toy

What´s more, Bontoy wheels are completely noiseless, which means that
children can enjoy playing indoors freely without parents or neighbors

With BONTOY Friendimal, even a rainy day becomes a fun day!

Size up

Size up

Size up

BONTOY Friendimal grows together with your child

Are you worried that your child will quickly outgrow its toys?

With BONTOY Friendimal, you have one thing less to worry about!
Its height adjustment function extends the using age from 18 months to a maximum of 8 years.

Once you feel that your child has grown too tall for the basic height level, simply convert the
toy to the second height level in a few quick and easy steps.

BONTOY Friendimal will keep your child´s company for as long as possible.




BONTOY makes no compromises when it comes to children’s safety!

We often hear about heavy metals, environmental hormones, or other hazards in toys that our
children play with all day long. This should not be associated with BONTOY.

BONTOY Friendimal complies with international safety standards and has received the European CE certification.

Parents’ wish to give their children something good...that is the core value BONTOY is pursuing.




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